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Old 13th-November-2008, 02:25 PM
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BMW decides not to build Concept CS

The current worldwide economic climate has claimed yet another automotive casualty: the BMW Concept CS. The German automaker cites a distinct lack of profitability as the main reason the CS project has been canceled. Last quarter, the boys and girls from Bavaria returned a profit of just 1.3% from its global automotive operations, and a low-volume halo sedan like the CS would only serve to drive that figure further downward. So, expect the brand-new 7 Series to remain at the top of BMW's model lineup for now.

If not the Concept CS, what current projects are keeping BMW engineers hard at work? Efficiency, fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. As part of the company's new Strategy Number ONE (outlined after the jump), the Munich-based automaker is pushing forward its EfficientDynamics project, which should add technologies such as stop/start and hybrid drivetrains to its mainstream models. After the all-electric MINI E makes its debut at the LA Auto Show, expect BMW to work in earnest on its next city car project that could be a revival of the iconic Isetta brand.
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