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Old 22nd-October-2008, 01:34 PM
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2009 Mercedes SL63 AMG

The current CL63 is a sporty luxury car, but it's not a sports car. Try to find a conveyance in which the little girl with the golden locks would sigh "This one is just right" ĘC a car that has the sporting reflexes to keep her heart beating and a cabin supple enough for her to unwind in when the twisties are finished ĘC and you see the field is disturbingly minuscule. Against all odds, the SL63 is that car: Goldilocks' Golden Mean,check out the gallery of high-res images below.

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Old 22nd-October-2008, 03:48 PM
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The beauty of the 6.3-litre V8 engine is that its deep reserves of power are so useable. Never does the C63 feel wild or uncontrollable. You can drive it fast or slow, in town or on a sweeping back road somewhere. It is also unlikely to run out of breath. The naturally aspirated V8 has truckloads of torque - 600 Newton-metres to be exact.

One reason for its tractability is the smooth seven- speed automatic transmission. The AMG Speedshift gearbox can be used in three modes - C, S or M for Comfort, Sport or Manual, respectively. S performs gearshifts faster than C, while M is the fastest. The C63 is also the first AMG car where the throttle is automatically blipped during downshifts.

To reel you in quickly and safely, there is the AMG high-performance brake system with its six-piston front
and four-piston rear callipers.

Like all Mercedes brakes, they are reassuringly strong and offer great feedback. But for those who think that still isn't enough, the C63 can be ordered with an AMG Performance Package. This $17,600 option adds bigger brakes, a harder suspension and a rear-axle locking differential for even more dynamic cornering ability.
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