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Originally Posted by Godfather View Post
Wah, like this you oso earn, emsi very fast fatt tat!!!

too bad i small roller, sometime nt enuf pay room oso hahaha
not very difficult intially
capital start off at 1k
become member, starts to roll points
most of my points earn is from rolex
sell 1 normal rm for 600, balcony can fetch 800-1000
of coz 1 rm = 4 persons, each pay 150 cheap-cheap
some more if you go early and and dinner at the chinese restaurant
got abalone leh ... free one
if you are regular on board,
you will notice the pattern of the results
you'll see people record down the results for future reference
that's one way to follow the regular
another way is to observe who's the most unlucky one
you can see from their face, play opposite them
my best profit usually is the big/small
my rule is - when open big - buy big next
follow till it open small, then change buy small
usually there's a record on the side of the table
showing big or small, take a look
usually there's a few times big together, small together
so you won't lose much if you follow that
but take note, set a limit and don't stay too long
if not you will lose back
take a break, come back few hours time
go makan, check out any babes ...
take a rest, bath, makan first, fill yourself with energy
if tire, better dun continue coz you can't concentrate
i ever played from 9pm to 6am non-stop
coz it was sat to sun (reaching s'pore 9am)
well folks, that's my experience on ship casino
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