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The LEGEND has begun...........

The LEGEND has begun on 9th
Dec.... A brief FR...

Comfortable thick carpet awaits your feet upon stepping out of the lift.3 cheerful receptionists leading you to your destinated rooms.

Upon entering the entrance,gold coloured slabs sitting in dark marble walls greets your eyes with some nice Roma style patterns to go with...(sorry if i can't described well...hehe)

I'll skip the part on the PROS there as it's not allowed here in this forum...I've been there for 4 nights in a row...hehe.Overall,the concept there gives me a very relaxing & comfortable feel.

1 plus point is haha,they have sports channel there which means i can watch my favourite matches there while enjoying myself at the same time.

I'll actually give LEGEND a on par with LAS VEGAS at Havelock....I'll give you guys the details below,

No 1,Sophia road Level 7 Peace Centre (228149) Tel:63361779
Against all what others don't.....
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