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vincent 23rd-October-2008 02:11 AM

List of "unfriendly" carparks

1. Centrepoint Orchard - Basement
2. Bugis Junction (Hotel Intercontinental Entrance/Exit)
3. Ikea Alexandra (Entrance at the bottom just before gantry)
4. Orchard Cinieleisure
5. orchard Shaw Tower
6. Wellington Building, behind Orchard Park Hotel
7. SIM carpark
8. Mustafa carpark. Exit and Entrance ramp
9. Fuji-Xerox Towers downslope from B2 to B3
10. The Central C.P. downslope (go slow to clear or min contact)
11. Meritus Mandarin rear CP entrance passage way, Level 1 (go deadly slow to clear)
12. Great World City
13. Golden Mile (the one with the steamboat at the basement)
14. Tanglin Mall
15. Bukit Merah Central MSCP
16. Clifford Centre.


1. CCK Cresent Blk 669A top deck
2. Lot 1, Down & Up ramp, 2nd slope, go dead-slow only
3. Bukit Panjang Plaza
4. Sengkang MSCP Rivervale (down mscp ramps)
5. Hougang Mall Carpark Entrance
6. CCK Area Office Carpark
7. Woodland 888 Plaza MSCP (hump after a slope down)
8. Punggol Central Blk 101 MSCP last two ramps down
9. Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk 613A MSCP all ramps down
10. Sengkang Anchorvale MSCP 310 (level 3 to 4)
11. SengKang compasspoint before going tru the taxi stand to the carpark.


1. Tampines central MSCP beside S11 Food centre
2. Joo Chiat Complex MSCP
3. Paya Ubi after you come dwn from Gp motors the slope
4. City Plaza Carpark entrance
5. Singapore Post Centre Paya Lebar
6. A**unied carpark in front of MRT. (Exit)
7. Geylang Lorong 8 towards 6 thru Darleen Hotel
8. Changi Airport T2 from level 1M to Arrival Hall (exit taxi queue)


1. IMM spiral down ramp, merging with each level, go slow
2. Jurong East Blk 130 MSCP
3. King Albert Park Mcdonald (Exit)

Klinky 9th-November-2008 10:58 PM

you know what?

cos the building space & construction costs have spiralled upwards..thats why these carparks are unfriendly..

If you notice all parking lots are alos just enough for you to open your door slighly and squeeze out.... The ramp is worst and is just enough for only a car ,worst if its MPV...


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